Tri-Beam Premium

Rich-PTP Toning

The Tri-Beam Premium is the definitive laser system that offers a valuable combination of reliability and efficiency. With Tri-Beam, there is no need for multiple systems to treat a single multicolor tattoo. In addition to convenience, Tri-Beam Premium offers a more effective platform, greater patient input, and added reliability.

  • Faster Toning
  • Reduced Risks
  • Improved Safety
  • More Effective Results

Innovative Technology 

Tri-Beam uses Rich-PTP (Photo-acousting Toning Pulse) technology which is exclusive to the system. The mode delivers high peak energy into a rapid double pulse that facilitates optimal tissue interaction. In addition, Rich-PTP improves the thermal relaxation time during melasma treatment. As a choice for treating difficult tattoos and pigmented lesions comfortably, Tri-Beam is a comfortable and reliable system.