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Permanent Hair Removal


SmoothCool IPL improves the precision and effectiveness of photorejuvenation treatments. They provide specific filters that improve the targeting of melanin, hemoglobin, hair, diffuse erythema, acne, and more. With ATC (Advanced Cooling Technology), SmoothCool can deliver the highest peak power while also prioritizing safety and comfort.

SmoothCool optimizes results with two handpieces. The SmoothCool HR is a powerful handpiece that has Advanced Cooling Technology to maximize hair removal treatments. The SmoothCool SR has integrated ATC technology that enables eight different filters for variable use.

ATC™ Technology

SmoothCool Acne Vascular Pigment and Hair Removal

The system also possesses filter replacement handpieces that has dual filtering from 420(S)nm (420~600nm), 530(S)nm (530~600nm) improves acne and vascular treatment while minimizing adverse effects. 

ATC technology accelerates the use of high fluence for by seeing the cooling temperature from -10~0℃. In addition, it reduces potential skin damage and facilitates painless hair removal treatments. 

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