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Why PicoCare Technology is Successful for Tattoo Removal

There is a new tattoo removal technology taking the world by storm; PicoCare Technology. There is no shortage of clients that no longer want a current tattoo on their body, and either have no interest in or have not had success covering it up. That’s where tattoo removal comes in. 

While laser removal of tattoos is notoriously painful, PicoCare Technology gets the job done in fewer scheduled sessions, which means less discomfort for clients. PicoCare is incredibly efficient at removing unwanted tattoos, and is proving to be a front runner in the development of successful, efficient, tattoo removal methods. 

Specifically Targets Tattoo Ink

PicoCare Technology targets tattoo ink by delivering laser energy specifically designed to target and break it down. The Pico Laser will clear away tattoos by successfully shattering the ink particles only, and will not harm the surrounding tissue. Pico uses PressureWave technology, which is gentler and more efficient than any that has come before it. 

PicoTechnology works on various tattoos of all shapes, color, and sizes. Many clients with multicolored tattoos, including blues, greens, and blacks, have seen incredible results with the use of Pico PressureWave Technology. With superior outcomes and fewer sessions, this technology is bringing peace of mind to those living with tattoos they no longer want.

Key Features of PicoTechnology

There are a few key features to PicoTechnology that make it the best choice today for tattoo removal procedures. PicoTechnology will help you achieve refreshed skin tone and a clear complexion, as it breaks up the tattoo ink specifically without harming the skin around it. 

Pico works carefully with precision on any kind of tattoo, and that makes it a great option for those who have many tattoos that are close to one another, yet they only need one or two removed. PicoTechnology can address additional skin blemishes as well, including vascular lesions, freckles, cafe-au-lait birthmarks, and lentigines. 

The Advancements of Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal has come a long way in the years since it first came to light. Now, it’s crucial for clients to experience greater satisfaction with fewer sessions and less pain. PicoTechnology is an advanced, revolutionary part of that technological evolution. It’s important to establish a way out of a tattoo that was a mistake, or doesn’t represent what a client stands for any longer. Tattoo removal brings a great freedom, and PicoTechnology promises precision with that freedom.