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The Role PicoCare Laser Can Play in Treating Skin Imperfections

There are many skincare products out there that claim to correct other skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation and sun damage. However, very few actually deliver on these promises. If creams and lotions aren’t working for you, you should consider a non-invasive laser procedure such as PicoCare.

This technology breaks down skin pigment into tiny, microscopic particles, which helps to smooth imperfections and improve the overall texture of your skin. If this is the first time you’ve heard of PicoCare, keep reading to learn more! 

What Is PicoCare Laser?

PicoCare is a picosecond laser device that is often used to treat pigmented lesions and remove tattoos. It delivers a short pulse duration to shatter tattoo colors and pigments into tiny particles. Not only that, but this device can also treat atrophic scars and can also be used for skin rejuvenation.

These lasers have a photomechanical effect on the skin and pigment that is far more pronounced than nanosecond lasers. You get excellent results with little to no side effects.

How Does PicoCare Laser Work? 

PicoCare emits light pulses of four different wavelengths. It works by sending laser energy into your skin, which is then quickly absorbed by the pigment. The laser breaks up the pigment into tiny particles.

Those particles are then naturally removed from the body after a period of time. Also, laser energy works to stimulate new collagen production. This is why it is so effective for skin rejuvenation treatments such as healing scars and minimizing the appearance of pores. 

The Advantages of PicoCare Laser

PicoCare is an incredibly versatile laser system. It works with improved safety, better results, and reduced downtime. Its laser energy can easily penetrate beyond the surface of the skin with excellent precision. Here are some of the advantages of PicoCare:

  • Low risk of side effects
  • Safe and suitable for all skin types
  • Less discomfort
  • Fewer treatments with better results
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Enhanced precision 

Remember, this treatment should only be performed by professionals who are trained on the equipment.  Contact MD360 to discuss how the PicoCare Laser can fit into your practice.