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How LIPOCel Helps Melt Away Stubborn Fat

With warm weather on the way, you may be planning your summer outfits and thinking about how you can look and feel your best, whether it's at the beach, on a boat, or in your own backyard.

If you put a lot of effort into working out and eating right, you already know that these lifestyle habits are highly effective at achieving a healthy body weight and supporting mental health as well as physical health. You probably also know that they take time to show results and that they are limited in their ability to target those tricky trouble spots that hold onto fat.

Many people turn to liposuction as a way to address those problem areas and put the finishing touches on their physique. But for many, the downtime and risk involved with lipo is a huge deterrent.

If you've been considering liposuction but are turned off by the invasiveness of the procedure, you may be interested to know that there is a non-surgical alternative that can contour your body and improve your confidence: LIPOcel.

How LIPOcel Works 

LIPOcel is a cutting-edge treatment that can sculpt your body and permanently eliminate fat in one treatment.

It uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology that targets fat at the subcutaneous level without the need for invasive surgery or lengthy recovery time. It works by targeting energy at accumulated fat beneath the skin, melting away the fat cells and shaping the body in a gentle, non-invasive way.

What to Expect from Your LIPOcel Treatment 

A typical LIPOcel treatment takes about 30 minutes. Your doctor will identify the target area on your body, mark it with a treatment grid, and then spray it with water before positioning the hand piece on your body.

The hand piece will emit a beam of energy to the fat cells under the surface of the skin, raising their temperature to a point where they burn away. The hand piece is fitted with a chill cartridge that keeps the surface of the skin at a comfortable level to minimize discomfort.

LIPOcel can treat and contour the following areas on the body:

  • Upper and lower stomach and love handles
  • Inner and outer thighs and buttocks
  • Back fat and bra rolls
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Chest area and “man boobs”

Depending on how much fat is in the area, you may require up to three sessions to complete your treatment.

Book Your LIPOcel Treatment

Do you have stubborn fat that exercise and diet can’t get rid of? Lipocel may be a good option for you. Contact us to schedule your consultation today, so you can wear what you want with confidence this summer.