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Improving Feminine Health

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Almost 20 million American women are affected by urinary incontinence. In addition, problems such as vaginal dryness also persist in the large part of the population. While surgery may be an option, it can be expensive and invasive. There may be few avenues to turn to to restore feminine health. With the breakthroughs made by NeuViva™, you can restore your life without worries or complications.

NeuViva™ Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation uses fractional CO2 laser technology to address vaginal health symptoms such as vaginal dryness,  vaginal itching, vaginal pain with intercourse, as well as urinary stress incontinence. For women who are affected by mild stress incontinence when doing aerobics or other physical activity, NeuViva™ laser treatments are a solution that creates improvements in healing and self-confidence. In addition, NeuViva™ provides the benefits of HRT without the additional worries.

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Treatment Performed in 5 Minutes

NeuViva™ is a 5-minute treatment that is performed in a medical setting. An average patient has three treatments in sequence and a single additional follow up visit at the end of the year. The patient is awake and the results can be observed within a few weeks and improvements are seen over a period of six to nine months.  The effects continue to last after this period.

The Fractional CO2 laser technology used in NeuViva™ resurfaces the vaginal epithelium, it restores healthy collagen and revitalizes the tissue, improving plumpness, buoyancy and lubrication. For younger women who feel “stretched out” by childbirth, NeuViva™ gives a sense of comfort and confidence again.

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