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A Pain Free Immediate Solution for Permanent Fat Destruction

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  • Reduces fat & tightens skin simultaneously
  • immediate & visible results
  • treat large complete areas in under 30 minutes - no limits
  • fDA approved for permanent fat destruction
  • no downtime
  • low cost of ownership - minimal treatment cost
  • pain-free with contact cooling at 5C
  • 20%-40% fat reduction per treatment

LIPOcel is a highly advanced treatment for targeted fat reduction, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to minimise fat cells in a painless, noninvasive way.

LIPOcel Fat Reduction HIFU System

LIPOcel™ with Contact Cooling

LIPOcel BenefitsWith and Without Cooling

Thermal energy is generated using HIFU technology. With this thermal energy,fat cells are destroyed to reduce the circumference of the waist. HIFU is a type of thermal therapy with a main principle that is the same as burning paper by using a magnifying glass to focus light.

Procedures using HIFU technology use the high temperature of 65-100℃, generated when applying the high-intensity ultrasound energy on one spot, to burn the target tissue.

Cooling Before and Four Weeks After

The Results with LIPOCel™

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RF Microneedling


Research Article - Adipose Tissue Reduction

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