Noninvasive Fat Reduction HIFU System

LIPOcel is a highly advanced treatment for targeted fat reduction, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to minimise fat cells in a painless, noninvasive way.

LIPOcel™ with Contact Cooling

Thermal energy is generated using HIFU technology.With this thermal energy,fat cells are destroyed to reduce the circumference of the waist. HIFU is a type of thermal therapy with a main principle that is the same as burning paper by using a magnifying glass to focus light.

Procedures using HIFU technology use the high temperature of 65-100℃, generated when applying the high-intensity ultrasound energy on one spot, to burn the target tissue.

The Results with LIPOCel™

The LIPOcel™ is equipped with a special contact cooling device to eliminate these complications. This technology can cool the surface of the handpiece down to 5℃. Through the development and utilization of this technology, the LIPOcel™ features three core advantages.

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