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Anti-Aging Solution

IntraGen Anti-Aging Solution

The IntraGen system uses GRFTM, Grid Fractional Radio Frequency technology, to optimize treatments by delivering ideal energy based on dermal temperature monitoring. With this technology, treatments result in minimal discomfort or no pain for most patients. In addition, sensitive patients can elect to choose a no-pain mode that delivers heat uniformly over the skin.

The advantages of IntraGen create optimal results for patients seeking a non-invasive, non-painful, no downtime treatment that will improve their appearance and their skin.

About IntraGen

Grid Fractional RF

Intragen Before and After

During IntraGen system treatments, the grid fractional applicator spreads out the RF energy to protect the epidermis and creates a consistent thermal zone for safe and consistent results. There is no risk of burns due to RF arcing between the electrode and skin.

The energy used in IntraGen treatments  is optimized through the use of an active impedance feedback system. 

By using a real-time impedance checking system, IntraGen automatically delivers the most optimal amount of RF energy for each application. There is no need to measure the average temperature of the surface to estimate whether the dermal layer has been effectively treated, or not. IntraGen removes any guessing and utilizes new technology to makes RF skin or skin tightening treatments safe and predictable.

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